1st Annual InCREEDible Tennis Tournament

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Good afternoon everyone, I am pleased to announce that the InCREEDible tennis tournament has finally become a reality!   I am so excited about this event because it gives me the opportunity to pair two of Creed’s loves: Tennis and CHOA.  Please see the flyer below detailing the March 2nd event.  Feel free to forward to anyone who knew Creed or who would be interested in a day of fun to support a great organization.
Registration is now open!  I understand everyone is not a John McEnroe or Steffi Graff but I hope everyone will join in or sign up to be a spectator.  Also check out www.increedible.org for more back story.
Creed’s Dad
Click on this link below for more details!




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Take a look at just a few of the InCREEDible celebrations held for Creed’s birthday yesterday!

Creed’s daddy knew just how to celebrate – Chicken parmesan, psaghetti and extra parmesan cheese!  Creeder would have loved it!


Mark and Rachel Campbell and crew: (I love hearing their excitement of their boys! And I especially love saying “their boys”!)

The Robertsons:

Linda and John Dixon (a/k/a Big and Granda):


Mountain Park’s Good News Club celebrated with a Happy Birthday Jesus party and balloon release for Creed!




I have several more videos to share but I have to post them on YouTube or Vimeo first.  Part Two will come later today!  Feel free to send me yours if you’d like it to be shared on the blog!  khmulkey@gmail.com

Creed’s Celebration of Life

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Follow the link below to see the video on YouTube from Creed’s Celebration of Life.

Creed’s celebration

8 (from Stephanie)

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My sweet Creeder,

Today is your 8th birthday and rather than blowing out your candles with me, you’re in heaven having a birthday celebration like no other.  I wish I could tell you that I’m ok and that things are just great here, but I just can’t.  I miss you more than I can describe and there is not a day that goes by that my heart doesn’t ache for you.  I’ve tried very hard to be the mom I was for you…the strong one, the one that could see the good through the pain.  There are days when I see that pretty clear and then there are days I can’t see a thing.  I often wander in your room, just looking around at what used to be.  I can hear your laugh as I gaze around at your toys.  I can hear you talk to Casper as I hold your puppy and see your smile as I think of you calling out my name.  “Our” house is covered with pictures of you.  I love seeing your face as I make my way from room to room.

There are days when this all seems like the worst nightmare ever and then there are days when I’m reminded of how sick you were and how happy and healthy you are now.  I would give anything to see it for myself, but now is not the time I guess.  I want you to know that my life will never be the same for so many reasons.  You taught me how to fight and never give up.  You taught me that even when things are horrible, there’s a reason to smile.  You taught me how to love.  You are my hero and I continue to thank God for allowing me to be your mommy.  I wish everyday that you would have been given a different body…one that wasn’t crippled by sin.  One that would fight sickness and one that never knew what a life in the hospital was like.  One that was healthy…  I guess that’s selfish of me, if those wishes were to have come true, this story would all be different and who knows what it would have looked like.  I choose to believe it happened just as God planned it.  As painful as it is for me to endure, I know that it was thought out from the beginning and I have to hold that close to my heart.

I wish that I could have watched you grow up.  I can’t imagine you being any cuter than you were, but I just know that you would be.  I wish so much that you could have had the chance to fulfill all your hopes and dreams.  I can’t imagine what your life is like now, I’m sure you’re having a blast and living it to the fullest.  I’m so glad that you haven’t been sick and aren’t hurting.  God promised that wouldn’t happen in heaven and that definitely makes me smile.

This birthday is the first where we aren’t celebrating it together, I don’t know if they will get easier for me.  I can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday, your daddy and I didn’t know what you were.  We wanted a surprise…we got one!!  A sweet tiny 2lb little boy.  The most precious little creature that we had ever seen.  I had no idea how to take care of you or what to do, but I figured it out.  We waited 91 days to bring you home, but the day finally came.  I put every bit of life I had into taking care of you.  I had never loved anything so much in my life.

I look back over the 7 years and 4 months that I had with you and I cherish every minute.  All the snuggle time, all the laughter, all the sadness, all the joy, all the pain.  I loved watching you grow up, and become a little boy.  Hearing your raspy voice, those cute little blue glasses.  I’ll never look at a black batting glove the same, hear 007 and not think to myself…there’s really only one 007 and he belonged to me.  I hate that I have to continue to go through this life without you and that we won’t celebrate birthday’s together.  There are so many things I wanted to do with you.  I often wonder where you would have gone to college or what sport you would have played.  I think of being the mother of the groom and how handsome you would have been on that day.  What your family would have looked like, and what you would have grown up to be.  A doctor? A spy? A dirt bike rider?  Your list changed daily…I secretly always hoped you’d be a doctor and find a cure for the horrible illness that infected your sweet little body.  But…what ever you would have chosen, I know without a doubt you’d be amazing!!

My sweet little one, you were amazing to me and to many, many others.  I wish so badly I could watch you blow out your candles today and make one more wish…but that can’t happen.  I’ve asked God to help me understand his plan and to reassure me that I’ll be ok without you.  I know you are having a blast today and everyday, but I sure do miss you.  Happy Birthday Creeder!!  I love you to the moon and back.



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Just a reminder that Monday is Creed’s birthday.  We’d love to see the photos or videos of your balloon release.  It’s pretty amazing to know that all of Creed’s loved ones will be celebrating his birthday in the same special way.  There’s no set time or place – just whatever works for you and your family.  Also, please don’t forget to share your memories of Creed as well.  Steph and Jon would love to hear from you on Monday.

Thank you!

Creed’s birthday

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As many of you know, Creed’s birthday is December 3. Stephanie would love to know that everyone is celebrating Creed’s day in a special way.

We would like for you to release balloons in Creed’s honor on December 3. If you and/or your kids would like to attach a note or write something on the balloon, that would be even better!

The Good News Club at Mountain Park Elementary, Creed’s school, is going to have a celebration and balloon release after school and Stephanie would love to know about your experiences as well. If you can email a picture or video, post to Facebook or text it to her, that would be great! If you would like it to be posted on the blog, please send it to khmulkey@gmail.com.

Creed’s birthday would also be a nice opportunity to send a card or note about Creed and how he impacted your life. We remember his spirit and loving heart everyday, but especially on December 3.

Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving.


Special tribute to Creed

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Many of you have met Casper, Creed’s special four legged friend, and his sweet parents, John and Lisa.  Casper is a therapy dog through Canine Assistants and works at CHOA every week.  Casper brings joy to many patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Creed fell in love with Casper right away.  The feeling was obviously mutual.  In fact,  we have all felt comfort in Casper’s presence over the last month.

Knowing the special relationship between Creed and Casper, Canine Assistants

 announced that the newest litter of therapy dogs has been named after Creed.

Meet Creed…

Stephanie was able to meet the new puppies today!

Left to right: Mercy, Creed, Faith and Doc

Thank you for all of the continued prayers.  If you would like to let Stephanie know that you are praying, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog.  She enjoys checking the blog and seeing your sweet messages in the comments.  It can be difficult to keep up with the many texts and emails.  If you’d like to send her a note of support, visit her facebook page for her new address.

I’ll post photos of the inCREEDible celebration hosted by Mountain Park Elementary soon!

Here’s a link to the website for Canine Assistants if you want to learn more about this incredible organization! http://www.canineassistants.org/

School Celebration

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There will be a celebration at Mountain Park Elementary tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, May 10) at 3:00 to honor Creed. All are invited to share in this special day!

InCREEDible tshirts

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Just a reminder that Amy Hulett will be ordering the inCREEDible t-shirts this Friday. Please get her your order as soon as you can! See the previous post for the details.

Thank you!

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Thank you to everyone who attended the Creed Celebration last week.  It was truly an amazing service and Stephanie and Jon showed unwavering faith in their tributes to Creed.  We anticipate having a video of the celebration in the coming weeks and we will post a link on this blog when it becomes available.

Thank you also for the tremendous outpouring of love and support for all of Creed’s family and friends.  Please continue your prayers in the coming days and weeks.  As Jeff Henderson explained, these days ahead are when they will need the most support.

The helpful staff from North Point – Gwinnett Church wore these red inCREEDible t-shirts.

If you’d like to order an inCREEDible shirt, please e-mail the quantity and size of t-shirts that you would like to Amy Hulett at amyhulett@me.com.  The t-shirts will be $20 each.

Please mail your check to:

Amy Hulett

3780 Lakewood Farm Road

Cumming, GA  30041

Your money MUST be to Amy by Friday, May 4.